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Contact Us
Mobile: +30 6932281995
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Zourmpakis Zacharias
Land line : +30 2832031777
Email: [email protected]
Welcome to our taxi office in Plakias - Rethymno, Crete,Greece

Taxi 4 You is a new name of the oldest and in 1966 the only taxi service in Plakias area.

The father of the first ever taxi service in the area, Mr. Nikolaos Zourbakis was successfully running his business until 1997 while preparing (since 1988) his son Zacharias Zourbakis to take over and continue on his own.

They were always highly recommended by all the customers and they have a spotless records as professionals, always reliable, always on time!
For Zacharias Zourbakis and his team, the work is easier today when you consider that they can be reached 24 hours a day by cell phone, fax or e-mail. It was however quite a struggle for his father to get on the road in 1966, with no electricity and no telephone in the neighbouring village of Sellia. Electricity arrived first in 1968!
We can accept your booking just few hours
before your arrival \ departure or ... even a year in advance!
service 24 hours a day!