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Contact Us
Plakias-Rethymno, Crete,Greece
Tel: +30 2832031777
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Price list and methods of payment

Choose your destination:The lists below show the actual prices for the 2017 season. All fares are for 1 taxi, up to max. of 4 passengers and luggage. Some differences in our prices are due to:
  • night time fare
  • an exact distance to the destination (for ex. city borders/ outside of city borders)
  • return transfer
Please always ask for the price while booking. Once given the price offered is guaranteed!

You can choose between paying on arrival to the driver, or meeting personally in our office and completing payment by cash.


We feel obligated to inform you that all legal taxis in Greece have a taxi sign on the roof of the car. Sadly enough there are a number of unmarked cars illegally transferring passengers around our island. That sort of "taxi service" is even offered by some unscrupulous tourist or rental car offices. Unprofessional drivers in unsafe vehicles are breaking the law and are hunted by the police. Unfortunately not only the drivers are ending up in big trouble. In most of the cases the passengers are affected as well. For some of them the consequences of accepting this illegal service are really serious ... what about missing your flight?